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Remodeling and Home Design
House Lit with LED Landscape Lights
Landscape Lighting Design by Accurate LED.

Your Tampa Bay LED Lighting Design and Installation Specialists

Accurate LED is an electrical contracting firm licensed by the State of Florida (EC13007724), which specializes in LED lighting design and installation. We have a combined 36 years of experience in various aspects of the lighting industry, ranging from live entertainment to residential and commercial projects, including energy efficiency retrofits. Accurate LED brings efficient, innovative lighting solutions to the world. We focus on quality and design. We believe that the union of precision manufacturing and creative lighting design births results of striking beauty.  By offering clean, efficient technology in a refined package, we make environmental responsibility stylish.

led lighting for commercial buildings
A new LED fixture is installed.

Not only are we lighting specialists, we are also LED technology specialists. This new field has revolutionized the lighting industry. Right now, LED technology is advancing so quickly that it’s difficult for the casual observer to stay informed. What was once cutting edge is soon obsolete, and eclipsed by a superior solution. We work directly with newly developed products regularly, so we’re uniquely qualified to help you. We don’t just sell it, we understand the real world effects of our products.

Residential and Commercial

While most of our residential projects take an aesthetic approach, our commercial focus is efficiency and performance. We start with an energy survey of the lighting system, then recommend a range of solutions for our clients. These solutions are evaluated in terms of energy cost savings, maintenance savings, environmental impact and intangibles such as improved psychological and neurological conditions for employees.

A pool area is accented with blue led.
A pool area is accented with blue led.

The electrical trade covers a lot of different disciplines, of which lighting is only one- but we understand lighting very clearly. We feel that we offer a distinct advantage to our clients when we’re asked to recommend a solution to a lighting problem. Whether we’re installing a landscape lighting system, retrofitting an office building from fluorescent lights to LED ceiling troffers, or improving the efficiency of a yacht’s lighting system, we know the results are going to be good.

Bar with LED Lighting
Residential bar and game room accented with LED Lighting

Accurate LED stays informed of the latest advances, but we do our share of innovation as well. We’ve field tested dozens of products over the last few years, subjecting them to the worst conditions that humid, salty, sunny Florida has to offer. As a result, we make recommendations based on reliability just as much as aesthetics. Google+

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