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Landscape Lighting

Tampa Bay’s Landscape Lighting Source

Outdoor Lighting
An elegant home lit with LED landscape lighting.

Accurate LED has a combined 18 years of experience designing and installing landscape lighting in the Tampa Bay area. Over the years we have worked with home builders, landscapers, designers, landscape architects and of course homeowners. While we are experts at engineering traditional halogen landscape lighting systems, we were among the first lighting companies in the area to implement LED technology. We have field tested dozens of LED products over the last several years. We know what works and what doesn’t.

Outdoor Lighting
This home uses less than 150w power. A halogen system would use over 900w.

LED technology has allowed us to design outside the box, due to the small size and low heat of LED products. Energy efficiency is an added benefit. We have installed many lighting systems that operate on an 85% reduced energy load, compared to a traditional halogen system with an equivalent light output.

brass spotlight
Accurate LED offers brass spotlight fixtures for durability and appearance.

Accurate LED offers a range of different landscape light fixtures. Solid brass is the top choice for many clients. It’s a stable metal that will not rust or corrode. Our brass fixtures are built with durability in mind, but they look great too.

If you’ve been thinking about an outdoor lighting system, give us a call. If you have an existing system and you’ve been thinking about upgrades, we’re here to help. Our consultations are always free, friendly and relaxed.

Accurate LED also services lighting systems, even if we didn’t originally install it.

Outdoor Kitchen Lighting

Outdoor Kitchen Lighting

LED outdoor kitchen lighting
This poolside outdoor kitchen includes blue accents with glass tile. Note the LED spotlights in the ceiling.


Accurate LED designs and installs outdoor kitchen lighting on a regular basis. We work with several companies in Tampa Bay who build outdoor kitchens. These projects range from compact and simple cabinet lighting, to elaborate landscape lighting installations that include the entire exterior of the home.

Usually, outdoor kitchen lighting includes a linear LED strip that mounts underneath the counter top. This strip light accents the cabinetry and highlights the texture of the stone or tile. Another good place for this kind of strip light is under a bar top. This has the added use of providing light for the people sitting at the bar.

led outdoor kitchen lighting
A simple but effective lighting design for this elegant kitchen.

In more ambitious designs, we use the lighting theme to tie the kitchen into other parts of the back yard. Sometimes the pool is accented in the same way as the kitchen to lend continuity. Many times, the trees outside the screen enclosure are lit with landscape lighting. This focuses the eye past the screen into the yard beyond, expanding the size of the viewed environment.

Accurate LED gives you many choices of outdoor kitchen lighting.  Single color lighting or multi color (RGB), linear rigid strip lighting or directional spot lighting, task lighting or accent lighting. We work with our clients to achieve a specific effect that can be as varied as their personalities.



LED Grow Lights

LED Grow Lights
The specific wavelengths of these LED grow lights are exactly what plants need for photosynthesis.


Custom Manufactured LED Grow Lights

We were recently contacted by Seaside Endeavors to manufacture some custom LED Grow Lights for an aquaponics project. We were familiar with the concept of specialized LED grow lights, so we agreed to take on the project. The entire aquaponics system consists of a repurposed shipping container, with a large fish tank that runs along its length. Above the fish tank, the garden growing area is mounted. Hanging above the garden is an array of LED grow lights optimized for plant growth.

Check out our video. 

Custom manufacturing
These fixtures are designed and manufactured by Accurate LED according to our client’s specs.

The system runs entirely on an array of 24v solar panels which feed a rechargeable bank of batteries. The solar electrical system powers the pumps and lighting. The pumps circulate waste water from the fish into the garden where the nutrients are used by the plants for growth. This water is then returned to the fish tank, once it’s freshly aerated and cleaned up by the plant roots.

The advantage of using LED grow lights for this system lies in the ability to emit only certain usable wavelengths for plant growth. This means that all other wavelengths, which would normally be nothing more than wasted energy, are never produced. So the plants only receive what they can use and nothing more.


LED Strip Light

LED Cove Lighting
LED Strip Lighting accents a crown molding cove in a child’s bedroom

LED Strip Light, Flexible Lighting

LED strip light from Accurate LED, or LED tape light, is a suitable replacement for rope lighting. LED tape is a linear product consisting of a thin, flexible circuit board of 12v LED lights. Our LED tape features a white PCB surface and high quality 3M adhesive.  We use it with our rigid aluminum profiles to create a thin, rigid light fixture with a protective lens.

There are two kinds of strip light available- low output and high output. The low output strip is useful for accenting high display shelves, crown molding coves and cabinet toe kicks. The high output strip works well as task lighting, directly above kitchen countertops, or in areas where visibility is important.

5050 LED Flex Strip Light
LED Strip Light is a simple, effective alternative to rope lighting

It’s useful as a solution for led lights for homes, primarily as undercabinet LED lighting or indirect accent lighting. Flexible LED strip lighting is easy to install and it last much longer and emits a brighter light than rope lighting.  LED flexible strip is also a better choice for producing colored light, since the colors are much more vivid than what rope lighting can achieve.

LED Dimmer for 12v Lighting Systems

An LED dimmer can be an important feature of any 12v led lighting design, especially in cabinet lighting. The user may want a bright effect for task lighting or a subdued effect for the accent lighting. The LED dimmer does not operate like a standard 120v wall dimmer however, because it must operate well with the circuitry of the LED tape or LED spot light in the cabinet. The LED dimmer available from is integrated into the lighting circuit after the power has already been converted to 12 volt DC. We like to install the LED dimmer next to the LED lights right under the edge of the cabinet where it can be easily accessed by the user.

 12vdc Dimmer for use with LED lighting

LED Grow Light

Rigid LED Strip
Linear Grow Light Modules are useful for creating custom fixtures.

 LED grow lights

LED Strip Lights
LED Strip Grow Lights emit only specific wavelengths of light.

have captured the imagination of gardeners and hobbyists around the world. There are several advantages to using LED grow lights over traditional methods. First, the usable wavelengths of the plants can be pinpointed and enhanced. This is because each LED grow light diode emits a very specific wavelength of light, so by clustering many of these diodes together in a grow light, the designer can specify which wavelengths are emitted. Plants use only certain parts of the spectrum, measured by the wavelength of light, and the unused portions can be ignored and not produced by the LED grow light, which is a better use of available energy. Another advantage of LED grow lights is their low heat production. This allows the LED grow light to be placed much closer to the plant, while a traditional light source might burn the plant if placed too closely.

Solar Advantages

LED grow lights can be effectively used with solar panels because their electrical characteristics are compatible. Solar panels produce electricity in DC (direct current) form, while LEDs operate on direct current. By pairing these two components together in a lighting system, there’s no need for power converters or LED drivers. This reduces costs and power loss.

Energy Production

grow bar 12v

LED Grow Lights can also be used to enhance algae biofuel production during the night. Specific strains of algae contain large percentages of vegetable oil, a possible source of diesel fuel and perhaps even gasoline. While research is ongoing, a LED lighting system powered by photo-voltaic energy could enhance the production of this sustainable resource.


Contact us for more information about LED Grow Lights. We have already successfully integrated them into off-grid, sustainable food production systems for our clients.


GU10 LED Bulbs

Led light bulbs have become the choice of many for replacement of other less efficient light sources, as well as the best option for new designs. A single GU10 led lamp can cut power consumption by 90% and still provide light for much longer than a halogen GU10 LED bulb. Also, a GU10 LED lamp produces almost no heat. Any heat that a light bulb produces can be attributed to inefficiency. After all, a light bulb is there to provide light, not heat. Heat is an undesirable byproduct of many light sources, while led light bulbs run very cool in comparison. Led spotlights such as the GU10 LED and the MR16 LED use almost all of their energy consumption in the production of light, not heat. A typical led replacement for a 20 watt MR16 led will usually consume only 2.5 or 3 watts.


Dock Stairway

Lit Stairs on Dock
This stairway is lit with thin strips of LED lights.

This stairway leads to an observation platform above the lake. Each tread becomes a lighting surface for the next step down. The open design of the stairway demands a minimal light fixture, which a series of LED modules accomplishes.

Shelf and Cove Accents

Shelf lit with LEDs
This forgotten shelf becomes a display area.

A forgotten shelf becomes a display area. Mounted just behind the molding, the strip of LEDs brings attention to this corner of the room. The light also reflects off of the white ceiling, becoming a soft source of general room lighting with no unpleasant glare.