Commercial Lighting in Tampa Bay

commercial lighting retrofit
Removing an inefficient fluorescent fixture

Commercial Lighting in Tampa Bay

Accurate LED begins the commercial LED lighting retrofit process with a thorough energy audit of your existing system. From this initial evaluation, we make recommendations. Sometimes the better choice is for replacement bulbs, sometimes entirely new fixtures are needed. This process is known as retrofitting. Older generation fixtures are exchanged for more advanced, low energy LED light sources. The difference in energy consumption and maintenance costs is significant enough to greatly reduce your overhead expense, which pays for the new light sources over a short time period, usually in 2 to 3 years and sometimes sooner.

Accurate LED specifies the best quality LED products at the lowest reasonable cost. We tailor our selection of products to the specific facility, keeping in mind such variables as governmental rebates, electrical grid and power delivery characteristics, the local cost of electricity and lighting design requirements.

Commercial Lighting Solutions

For commercial property owners, electrical and lighting maintenance expenses are a constant drain on profitability. The good news is, a commercial LED lighting retrofit can help tremendously.

Accurate LED provides a financial solution for commercial properties, by reducing our clients’ overhead costs in energy and maintenance expenses. The client not only achieves significant savings, but better lighting design also improves the daily experience of their staff and customers.

led lighting for commercial buildings
A new LED fixture is installed.

For example, a typical company might find several different advantages with a new lighting system . First and most obviously, electricity consumption is reduced. Secondly, the much longer lifespan of LED lighting reduces maintenance costs.

LED Commercial Lighting for Better Health and ProductivityMost commercial properties are lit with fluorescent bulbs, but the health effects of traditional fluorescent lighting is generally not considered. Employee productivity is a hidden factor for any business, and not as easy to quantify. If an employee has to leave work because of frequent headaches, they might be caused by the lights. Fluorescent lighting is notorious for causing headaches simply because they flicker at an extremely high frequency. Eye fatigue, lethargy and even depression have been linked to bad lighting.

However, LED lighting emits an even, smooth light, with better color rendering properties than fluorescent. Eye strain is reduced, visibility is improved and productivity is enhanced.

LED Commercial Lighting for a Cleaner Environment

Cree LED Light Fixture

The lighting industry markets fluorescent technology as ‘green lighting’. This isn’t necessaril
y the truth. While fluorescent lights are more energy efficient than halogen lighting, they contain highly toxic mercury. This element finds its way into landfills and eventually the Florida aquifer, unless they’re properly recycled. Many commercial business are required to document their bulb disposal methods, which is yet another overhead expense.LED lights contain no toxic substances and require very little maintenance. LED technology is a truly ‘green’ technology, despite what the traditional light bulb manufacturers say. A commercial LED lighting retrofit is the responsible choice.

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