Commercial Lighting Sourcing and Supply

warehouse 1Accurate LED supplies lighting for facility managers, electrical contractors and green energy companies. Our singular focus on LED lighting allows us to give expert advice on making the transition to LED. For commercial lighting sourcing and supply, Accurate LED is an essential partner.

Commercial grade LED lighting is a dramatic improvement over traditional Metal Halide or Sodium lighting for many different reasons. First, power consumption is typically reduced by about 60-90%. Secondly, they reach full brightness instantly. Third, heat from the lighting is greatly reduced, causing less wear and tear on the body of the fixture itself. Fourth, maintenance costs are greatly reduced now that bulbs and ballasts are eliminated.

The input voltage of our commercial lighting covers a range, usually from 100-300v. This means that inside the fixtures, instead of a traditional ballast with a whip of several different wires, there’s only one input wire, paired with a neutral and a ground. The LED driver makes the adjustment for any voltage variation within its range. So the same input wire is suitable for a 120v lighting circuit, 208v, 240v or a 277v circuit. Some products may be special ordered for 347v/ 480v input. Call us for details.

Our commercial fixtures are UL listed, and some carry DLC and/or Energy Star approval as well. DLC or Energy Star is an important rating if you plan to apply for rebates from your electrical utility. Many utilities require DLC or Energy Star products before they will issue rebates. We use only the highest quality drivers in our fixtures, ensuring a clean current to the LED circuit boards. For architects and lighting designers, photometric IES files are available by request for each light fixture model. To view IES files, we recommend the freeware ‘IES Viewer’ available here. For a free lighting design software application, we recommend Dialux, available here.

LED Retrofit Lamps and Modules

Accurate LED offers many different types of LED products which are suitable for converting existing HID or CFL  fixtures to LED. This may be a money saving option if your light fixtures are still in good condition, but you want to take advantage of LED technology.

Retrofitting a fixture isn’t an exact science though. Several factors must be considered. Is the fixture directional, meaning does it emit light in a specific direction and pattern? Does it need to be dimmable, and if so what type of control circuit is in place? (e.g. 0-10v, resistance, PWM, etc.)


UL recessed can lightRecessed Can Lights

Commercial grade LED Can Lights provide an alternative to HID or CFL can lighting. Our low maintenance, low heat, 0-10v dimmable can lighting is the solution. With Energy Star approval, this item easily qualifies for utility and government incentives.  With brightness options ranging from 18w to 40w and 6″, 8″ and 10″ sizes, there’s an option to fit your design.

LED Wall Pack Fixture
Full Cutoff Wall Pack

Wall Packs

Our line of wall packs is priced very competitively, yet offers many features that even more expensive choices lack. For example, many of our models come with mounting brackets for easy installation. When the installer is on a lift or a ladder, this simple feature can make a big difference. Choices include full cutoff wall packs , decorative fixtures and traditional looking fixtures, ranging from 18 watts to 120 watts. Our LED fixtures will directly replace Metal Halide or Sodium fixtures from 50 watts to 400 watts.

High Bay Light Fixture
LED High Bay Lighting

High Bay Lights

Accurate LED’s High Bay lights are a great choice wherever traditional high bays are specified. Our fixtures reach full brightness instantly, making it possible to use an occupancy sensor with each fixture. For a warehouse, this design trick keeps your lighting off when nobody is in the area. If your high bays are located in a controlled climate, you will notice a dramatic reduction in heat over Metal Halide or High Pressure Sodium lighting. Also, maintenance costs are much friendlier with the advantages of solid state LED light fixtures.

LED Canopy Light Fixture
LED Canopy Light

Canopy Lights

Accurate LED surface mount canopy lights are easy to install and even easier to maintain. Simplicity of design is key. From parking garages and covered walkways to tunnels and bridges, we have a canopy light that will work for you. If you’re planning on replacing an existing product or you’re sourcing a new installation, we can help.

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