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Accurate LED has been designing and installing landscape lighting in the Tampa Bay area since 1999.  Over the years we have worked with home builders, landscapers, designers, landscape architects and of course homeowners. While we are experts at engineering traditional halogen landscape lighting systems, we were among the first lighting companies in the area to implement LED technology. We have field tested dozens of LED products over the last decade. We know what works and what doesn’t.

LED technology has allowed us to design outside the box, due to the small size and low heat of LED products. Energy efficiency is an added benefit. We have installed many lighting systems that operate on an 85% reduced energy load, compared to a traditional halogen system with an equivalent light output.

Accurate LED offers a range of different landscape light fixtures. Solid brass is the top choice for many clients. It’s a stable metal that will not rust or corrode. Our brass fixtures are built with durability in mind, but they look great too.

If you’ve been thinking about an outdoor lighting system, give us a call. If you have an existing system and you’ve been thinking about upgrades, we’re here to help. Our consultations are always free, friendly and relaxed.

Accurate LED also services lighting systems, even if we didn’t originally install it.



Outdoor LED Lighting

Accurate LED was contacted by the home builder to design and install a tasteful use of LED lighting for the exterior dock stairway, which required a very low profile fixture installed under each step. Inside the house, a large slab of agate hangs from the living room wall. It’s lit from behind with an array of LEDs. In the kitchen, the cabinets and display shelves are lit with low profile LEDs.

Bathroom LED Lighting

A bathroom remodel gets cutting edge lighting design. This bathroom would have been a striking design on its own, but the addition of LED strip lighting really set it off. Strip lighting was installed in the shelves above the counter top. Small grooves were cut into the top of the shelves in order to recess the rigid strips, and the wires were carefully threaded through a small drilled hole in the shelving, so no wiring was visible. Another strip light was installed underneath the floating cabinetry, to cast a soft glow on the floor.

The hand blown glass counter top was illuminated with electroluminescent tape, or EL tape. This is a paper thin layer of glowing material on a flexible backing. It was attached to the wall behind the glass, which carries the light to the uneven edges of the hand made glass material. Also, bubbles and imperfections in the glass glow with the color of the tape light for an amazing effect.

Pool LED Lighting

This pool area is a paradise for the neighborhood kids as well as their parents. The sitting walls in the sunken kitchen area glow with blue light. The tiny LEDs are tucked under the coping. The stairways to the raised pool area are also lit. The large waterfall is accented with LEDs, turning the tropical foliage into a glowing pattern of light and shadow. Outside the screen, palm trees are highlighted with green LED bulbs retrofitted into standard landscape fixtures.

LED Landscape Lighting

Elegant architecture, highlighted by landscape fixtures. Many landscape lighting designs like this one can be successfully retrofitted to LED bulbs. This lighting system was originally designed by Accurate LED for use with halogen bulbs, but an LED retrofit reduces the electrical load by as much as 85%. This results in lower electric bills for the homeowner and less wear on the wiring and fixtures due to lower amperage and heat. Longer bulb life is an added benefit.

LED Yacht Lighting

Cove areas around this yacht accent the rich maple and elegant furniture. The yacht also features over 120 interior light fixtures mounted into the ceiling. They originally each required a 20w halogen bulb, which produced heat and significantly loaded the battery charging system, but Accurate LED had the solution to solve these problems. Each bulb was replaced with a 2.5w LED module, cutting energy use by 80% with no change in light color or intensity. The LED design is friendlier to both the air conditioner and the battery system.




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