GU10 LED Bulbs

Led light bulbs have become the choice of many for replacement of other less efficient light sources, as well as the best option for new designs. A single GU10 led lamp can cut power consumption by 90% and still provide light for much longer than a halogen GU10 LED bulb. Also, a GU10 LED lamp produces almost no heat. Any heat that a light bulb produces can be attributed to inefficiency. After all, a light bulb is there to provide light, not heat. Heat is an undesirable byproduct of many light sources, while led light bulbs run very cool in comparison. Led spotlights such as the GU10 LED and the MR16 LED use almost all of their energy consumption in the production of light, not heat. A typical led replacement for a 20 watt MR16 led will usually consume only 2.5 or 3 watts.