LED Grow Light

Rigid LED Strip
Linear Grow Light Modules are useful for creating custom fixtures.

 LED grow lights

LED Strip Lights
LED Strip Grow Lights emit only specific wavelengths of light.

have captured the imagination of gardeners and hobbyists around the world. There are several advantages to using LED grow lights over traditional methods. First, the usable wavelengths of the plants can be pinpointed and enhanced. This is because each LED grow light diode emits a very specific wavelength of light, so by clustering many of these diodes together in a grow light, the designer can specify which wavelengths are emitted. Plants use only certain parts of the spectrum, measured by the wavelength of light, and the unused portions can be ignored and not produced by the LED grow light, which is a better use of available energy. Another advantage of LED grow lights is their low heat production. This allows the LED grow light to be placed much closer to the plant, while a traditional light source might burn the plant if placed too closely.

Solar Advantages

LED grow lights can be effectively used with solar panels because their electrical characteristics are compatible. Solar panels produce electricity in DC (direct current) form, while LEDs operate on direct current. By pairing these two components together in a lighting system, there’s no need for power converters or LED drivers. This reduces costs and power loss.

Energy Production

grow bar 12v

LED Grow Lights can also be used to enhance algae biofuel production during the night. Specific strains of algae contain large percentages of vegetable oil, a possible source of diesel fuel and perhaps even gasoline. While research is ongoing, a LED lighting system powered by photo-voltaic energy could enhance the production of this sustainable resource.


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