LED Grow Lights

LED Grow Lights
The specific wavelengths of these LED grow lights are exactly what plants need for photosynthesis.


Custom Manufactured LED Grow Lights

We were recently contacted by Seaside Endeavors to manufacture some custom LED Grow Lights for an aquaponics project. We were familiar with the concept of specialized LED grow lights, so we agreed to take on the project. The entire aquaponics system consists of a repurposed shipping container, with a large fish tank that runs along its length. Above the fish tank, the garden growing area is mounted. Hanging above the garden is an array of LED grow lights optimized for plant growth.

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Custom manufacturing
These fixtures are designed and manufactured by Accurate LED according to our client’s specs.

The system runs entirely on an array of 24v solar panels which feed a rechargeable bank of batteries. The solar electrical system powers the pumps and lighting. The pumps circulate waste water from the fish into the garden where the nutrients are used by the plants for growth. This water is then returned to the fish tank, once it’s freshly aerated and cleaned up by the plant roots.

The advantage of using LED grow lights for this system lies in the ability to emit only certain usable wavelengths for plant growth. This means that all other wavelengths, which would normally be nothing more than wasted energy, are never produced. So the plants only receive what they can use and nothing more.