LED Retrofit Solutions for Commercial Applications

Exterior Lighting Retrofit

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This exterior walkway has been retrofitted. The fixtures were originally 100W metal halide, but only 30W of LED was suitable to provide more light.

Accurate LED Helps Local College Achieve Green Goals

In 2013, Accurate LED was subcontracted to install an upgraded lighting package for Pasco-Hernando State College, just north of Tampa, Florida.  In the process, we had the opportunity to make recommendations on suitable replacement products for various areas around several campuses. The goals of the college included greater energy efficiency, more reliability and less maintenance with their equipment, and better quality of lighting. Since buildings had been added to their properties over several decades, there was a wide variation in existing light fixtures, types of lamps and even the color of the ‘white’ light from various light sources.

The decision was made that a consistent color standard of 4000K was to be implemented across all of their facilities. This seems to be a popular decision among commercial facility managers, since it provides a neutral balance between efficient light output and a comfortable warmth.

LED Retrofit Products vs Other Technologies

As the project progressed, comparisons were made between Accurate’s LED retrofit products and other technologies, particularly induction lighting. Tests were conducted and LED emerged as the best solution. Our AT-DML-E26-30W Directional Retrofit Module was chosen over 40w and 80w induction lamps.

At one area of PHSC’s main campus, there’s  a cluster of two story buildings linked by exterior walkways, built in the 1970s. These walkways were originally lit with 70W mercury vapor HID lamps, and later upgraded to metal halide. Most were 100w, but there were a few 70w lamps mixed in, and even the odd high pressure sodium lamp here and there. Accurate’s installation crew started with the bottom floor of the complex, removing the existing ballasts and wiring each socket direct to the incoming 277v lighting circuit. Then the 30w LED modules were installed.
Once the bottom floor was complete, the facility manager inspected the results and took the attached pictures.

Before and After Lighting Results

The amazing thing about these pictures is that the ‘before’ and ‘after’ conditions are visible in the same photographs. There are no camera tricks here, this is the difference that LED retrofitting can make. Our PHSC project resulted in a 70% power reduction, an 80% heat reduction, lower maintenance costs and much higher quality and amount of light.

Accurate LED also retrofitted classroom areas, interior hallways, gymnasiums, stairwells, warehouses, libraries and auditoriums. More pictures to come.

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