Outdoor Kitchen Lighting

Outdoor Kitchen Lighting

LED outdoor kitchen lighting
This poolside outdoor kitchen includes blue accents with glass tile. Note the LED spotlights in the ceiling.


Accurate LED designs and installs outdoor kitchen lighting on a regular basis. We work with several companies in Tampa Bay who build outdoor kitchens. These projects range from compact and simple cabinet lighting, to elaborate landscape lighting installations that include the entire exterior of the home.

Usually, outdoor kitchen lighting includes a linear LED strip that mounts underneath the counter top. This strip light accents the cabinetry and highlights the texture of the stone or tile. Another good place for this kind of strip light is under a bar top. This has the added use of providing light for the people sitting at the bar.

led outdoor kitchen lighting
A simple but effective lighting design for this elegant kitchen.

In more ambitious designs, we use the lighting theme to tie the kitchen into other parts of the back yard. Sometimes the pool is accented in the same way as the kitchen to lend continuity. Many times, the trees outside the screen enclosure are lit with landscape lighting. This focuses the eye past the screen into the yard beyond, expanding the size of the viewed environment.

Accurate LED gives you many choices of outdoor kitchen lighting.  Single color lighting or multi color (RGB), linear rigid strip lighting or directional spot lighting, task lighting or accent lighting. We work with our clients to achieve a specific effect that can be as varied as their personalities.