Lighting Projects

Simple Lighting Projects

Here are a few DIY lighting projects that are fun and effective. We hope they will inspire you. Call us for professional design services in the Tampa Bay area.

Bed with LED lights
A Scandinavian platform bed with LED accent lights instead of table lamps.

Furniture Lighting

An antique Scandinavian teak bed gets a modern update with LED lighting. A single row of LEDs was attached to the back of the headboard a few inches from the top, creating a soft ambient light. The glow from the wall behind the bed casts enough light by which to read a book, eliminating the need for table lamps and enhancing the simple lines of this Danish furniture.

Another row of LED lighting modules was affixed under the overhang of the platform. The rich teak footer glows with a golden hue.  In the evening, there’s more than enough light in the room from this easy furniture modification.

The greatest advantage to this approach to lighting design is the absence of glare. Every light source is indirect, yet bright enough for everyday use.

Shell Lamp Lighting

Shell lamp with LED lights
LED light replaces outdated light bulbs in this shell lamp.

This Capiz shell lamp was still in good shape when discovered at a flea market, except for the old electrical wires and light sockets, which were dangerously cracked and rusted.

The original wiring was clipped and removed, and a simple solution was put into action. Several strings of LED lighting modules were hung down the center of the lamp where the bulbs once were. But of course we couldn’t just replace one outdated light source with an equivalent one. This lamp is too striking for plain white lighting.

We decided to hang three strings of blue LEDs and one string of cool white LEDs.

The lamp now casts a blue glow throughout the room at night, filling the surrounding space with a dramatic atmosphere. The mottled blue and white pattern adds dimension to the lamp’s cylindrical shape, breaking up the monotony of a single blue wavelength.

In the daytime, the lamp takes on a different personality. The blue light can be seen glowing from within the translucent shells, but it’s much more subtle.

LED modules inside a shell lamp.
Mixing colors works well in this translucent lamp.
Shell lamp with blue and while LED light
The lamp still gets one’s attention in the daytime.

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