Backyard Resort with LED Pool Lighting

A pool area is accented with blue led.

Our clients are proud parents of four kids, and their house happens to be the place where all the kids in the neighborhood congregate. They wanted to create a place where everyone could have fun. The pool includes a rock waterfall with stairs and a slide. A cave is also tucked under the rocks, hidden by the falling water. Accurate LED designed and installed LED lighting within the planter beds near the rocks and inside the cave.

At one end of the pool, the travertine deck falls into a sunken area which includes an outdoor kitchen and living area. The steps going down to this zone are lined with LED lights for safety, and the theme is continued around the encircling  retaining wall.

A fire table in the corner allows the kids to roast marshmallows, hot dogs and other fun foods, and we accented the stone pedestal with LED lighting. The outdoor kitchen is also lit.

These dramatic results were achieved with the use of led bulbs loaded into landscape fixtures,  and led modules installed under the lip of stair treads and sitting walls. Around the waterfall, led modules were attached to hidden rock surfaces near the planting beds.