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LED Strip Light

LED Cove Lighting
LED Strip Lighting accents a crown molding cove in a child’s bedroom

LED Strip Light, Flexible Lighting

LED strip light from Accurate LED, or LED tape light, is a suitable replacement for rope lighting. LED tape is a linear product consisting of a thin, flexible circuit board of 12v LED lights. Our LED tape features a white PCB surface and high quality 3M adhesive.  We use it with our rigid aluminum profiles to create a thin, rigid light fixture with a protective lens.

There are two kinds of strip light available- low output and high output. The low output strip is useful for accenting high display shelves, crown molding coves and cabinet toe kicks. The high output strip works well as task lighting, directly above kitchen countertops, or in areas where visibility is important.

5050 LED Flex Strip Light
LED Strip Light is a simple, effective alternative to rope lighting

It’s useful as a solution for led lights for homes, primarily as undercabinet LED lighting or indirect accent lighting. Flexible LED strip lighting is easy to install and it last much longer and emits a brighter light than rope lighting.  LED flexible strip is also a better choice for producing colored light, since the colors are much more vivid than what rope lighting can achieve.