Lighting Videos

Commercial Lighting with a Cree CR24

This video describes the features of the Cree CR24 troffer fixture. It’s a direct drop in replacement for a standard 2×4 ft fluorescent ceiling troffer. For residential lighting videos, scroll down.

LED Lighting Tutorial

Here’s a video we made about a simple DIY project featuring LED lighting. This video features some of our standard cabinet LED lighting products. In this case, a strip of glowing leds were added to the back of a headboard, in order to provide a soft light. They produce very little heat and cast an even glow across the wall.

LED Modules

Learn about our LED modules in this video. We demonstrate some simple design ideas, and show you a few projects where we’ve used LED modules. We have found using LED lighting modules to be an excellent choice for many designs.

LED Bathroom Lighting

Here’s a look at a bathroom remodel that we lit up with LED strip lights. This project features a dramatic effect with a glass counter top and a strip of blue electroluminescent tape light. It turned out to be one of our favorite projects.

LED Rigid Strip Lights

Here’s a video explaining how we use our outdoor rigid strip lighting. This kind of LED lighting is great for outdoor kitchens, pool areas and stairways.

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